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Biking Beyond Borders Sponsoring Athletes to the Legendary Cycle to the Sun

For 2016, we are sponsoring underprivileged cyclists in the Cycle to the Sun race on June 25, 2016 and we will include footage of their preparation and the challenge of riding up Haleakala volcano as a preliminary theme of accepting and overcoming challenging circumstances while working towards changing them for the best outcome.

The ride climbs 10,000 feet over 36 miles and reaches gradients up to 18%. As a comparison, the famed Mont Ventou in the Tour de France is only a 5,336 foot climb over 13.6 miles. It starts in Pa’ia at sea level and finishes up on top of the Haleakala Volcano at just above 10,000 feet (3,048 meters). It was first held in the 1980s but languished for many years. Kalima O Maui bought the rights to hold the race and started it back up in 2001.



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